Page 7 - The Color of Trout Waters

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Painter of Montana
I am convinced heaven abounds with cascading
mountain streams filled with trout.
Totally captivated by the beauty inherent in the
natural world, I spend many of my days hiking the
trails of Montana’s wooded mountains. It is here that
I revel in my love affair with fly-fishing, casting a line
into the many lakes and streams I encounter along
the way. But my love of fly-fishing is surpassed by
my passion for capturing the thrill of that experience
on canvas; for it is when applying color to canvas and
paper that I derive my greatest solace and satisfaction
from the sport. As an artist, instinctively I lay my
brush to canvas interpreting the energy gained in that
experience, in recapturing the “moment,” portraying
that dark shadow slipping beneath a stream’s cut bank;
a flash of color; a splash of water. Feeling the jolt of
a trout suddenly hitting my fly, my thoughts focus
on the character of that fish. No matter the physical
size of the fish, it gives me cause to pause and to
consider the single-minded intensity of its streamlined,
compact form, and thus connects me to that moment
forever. Confident brush strokes with rich overlays of
color testify of the power and strength of Montana’s
beautiful game fish above and below the waterline.
My Studio/Gallery overlooks the Swan River
where it meets Bigfork Bay.