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upon color, at times fearlessly dark, and now bright
and luminous.
Currently the focus of my painting efforts have
been with a view to executing interpretive expressions
of the many and diverse images offered by “the
Montana experience.” I paint extensively in oil and
watercolor, moving from one medium to the other and
back again. I am very prolific in works produced and
in the variety of approaches attempted. I continually
set before myself a goal of producing works ever-
increasing in excellence and quality. I review each and
every effort thoroughly and critically, all the while
exploring new subjects, styles and techniques.
I first emerged as a serious painter in 1961 and
have exhibited in galleries throughout the west. After
an extended hiatus pursuing a successful career as a
graphic designer and publisher, I have again picked
up my palette and brush to express my love of color,
shape, form and texture. My work is owned and
displayed by collectors, corporations, organizations
and academic institutions across the west. I regularly
promote my work in both regional publications such
Montana Magazine, Big Sky Journal, Flathead Living
Magazine, and Distinctive Montana Magazine as
well as slick art collector magazines such as Southwest
Art Magazine and Art in The West Magazine and
Wildlife Art Magazine.
Thomas G. Lewis
Painter of Montana