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Thomas G. Lewis
An avid lover of the beauty in the outdoors and the
natural world, I currently explore several themes in
my plein air and studio representative and interpretive
works in both oil and watercolor. These themes include
the work seen in this book:
paintings of Montana game fishermen and trout species
as seen above and below the waterline;
the debris and detritus of fallen leaves, and seeds and
twigs — pine needles and cones lying amid stones and
branches; the marvel of f lowering plants in the myriad
variety of value, color, shape and form;
the American western landscape — skies meeting earth
with natural and manmade features joining the two;
Montana’s thrilling and diverse wildlife;
and most recently I have been in avid pursuit of
portraying Montana ranches, ranchers, and ranch life
in both oil and watercolor.
I was raised on the Navajo Indian Reservation
and on several cattle ranches in Colorado and New
Mexico. I resided in the Southwest for six decades and
now call Montana home. I am intimately acquainted
with the American West’s picturesque landscape and
heritage. This experience is expressed in scenes of the
Southwestern desert and more recently Northwestern
mountain landscapes, wildlife of the west, and
Montana ranch life.
My experiences are communicated in my
paintings through sure, confident brushstrokes;
sometimes sparing; other times in rich overlays of color