Page 10 - The Color of Trout Waters

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Thomas G. Lewis
were piled high. This created a beautiful and promising
I quietly skirted the jam and crept through the
yellow-green shrubs growing now in the washed gravel
that had been under water during the earlier spring
I spotted an approach to an overlook where I
could observe the pool and slipped over to gain a better
The water was deep where it spilled around
and over the logs which were locked into place by the
pressure of the water building up behind the tangle
of debris. The pool ’s color was a rich deep manganese
and olive green in it’s deeps. On the far edge, in the
shallows of the pool was yellow-ochre and umber
rust colored river rock and gravel glowing just under
the water’s surface. This rich color combination
presented an exquisite contrast against the bright
viridian green of the tall trees. The light shifted as I
studied the pool. Shafts of sunlight made the trees
appear to shimmer against the backdrop of of the
steely prussian blue and payne’s grey of the ever-
darkening sky.
I decided to cast my line first into the quieter
waters while I cast a quick glance at the deep rushing
and powerful flow over and under the logs. I tried
several offerings of my fly into the center of the pool,
and enjoyed the repetitive process.
Cast. Mend my line. Mend it again. Letting
the fly drift across the pool ahead of any of the curling
line. Cast again, mend again, and again, and then cast
yet again. All the while positioning the fly to drift into
the sight of the unseen prey.