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movement in the late 50’s, and engineered the
taping of many of the lecture series – Basic
Principles of Objectivism, Basic Principles of
Objectivist Psychology, etc. – offered by the
Nathaniel Branden Institute. At the same time,
he created a business, Dawson Designs, in order
to design and build elegant lucite fountains,
which he sold to individuals and institutions.
One of them makes a brief appearance in the
movie “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”.
He was a restless and creative man, with a vital
interest in how we learn. He created and taught
a course in “Argumentation for Capitalism”,
under the auspices of The Dawson School. In
the late sixties he wrote for Persuasion, Inc., a
political newsletter that his wife, Joan Kennedy
Taylor, edited in the mid 1960’s. He campaigned
vigorously against the draft – writing and
lecturing and debating – which he found
abhorrent as a form of involuntary servitude.
On his 41st birthday he discovered that he
was, in fact, only 40. He had inflated his age
in the Navy, and forgotten that fact, until his
older brother reminded him. Feeling as if he
had suddenly been given a “free” year, he took
a year off, and wrote five plays! He and his wife
moved to Stockbridge, Massachusetts shortly
thereafter, and he became the director of the
Winter Workshop of the Berkshire Theatre
Festival. He developed his own work, and the
work of other guest artists – one of whomwas the