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David Dawson
Nov. 22, 1925 – April 15, 1979.
David was born in Canada, and grew up in
Medford, Oregon. His father, James, was a
wildcatter in Montana and Oregon. He was
innovative beyond his times and loved all things
beautiful. His mother, Harriet, traveled with
her family from North Dakota to homestead
Southern Saskatchewan. They made the
journey in an open horse-drawn wagon called
a buckboard. She was home schooled by her
When World War II broke out, he enlisted
in the Navy as soon as he was old enough, and
served in the Pacific. He was a signalman, and
won enough contests to be declared “the best
signalman in theNavy”. After the war, he enrolled
at Cornell University, because he wanted to go to
New York. Arriving on the East Coast, he quickly
realized his mistake, and switched to Columbia
University to be in the city. There, he became
involved in the literary and intellectual life of
the Columbia scene, and wrote several novels.
He became involved in Ayn Rand’s Objectivist