Page 9 - Emerging a Leader, One Step at a Time

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to look at my strategy?” “How can I get my
boss to trust me?”
And sometimes: “I don’t know how to do
The executive coaching phenomenon
undoubtedly owes its popularity to the needs
of individuals in positions of power who do
not enjoy the scaffolding that supports their
efforts. Driven to climb the career ladder,
self-motivated and conscientious, the specific
management or people skills paramount to
the success of a leader somehow bypassed
this otherwise highly competent individual.
As I listen to these individuals in
coaching sessions, I dig for the values that
drive them. My questions guide and support;
techniques are brought out of my quiver and
offered as golden arrows for them to use or
toss. My whole focus is on their success—it
is the only way I succeed.
So then more magic occurs. Shoulders
relax. Eyes begin to glimmer. Breathing re-
sumes at a deep and confident level. They
share insights, create amazing solutions, de-
velop plans that will work. This isn’t so hard
after all. They know how to do this. With the
mud churned up and the rock moved aside,
the leader emerges.
I strongly believe there is a leader
within each of us; that each of us has the
capacity and the willingness and the heart
to lead others—including ourselves—to a