Page 8 - Emerging a Leader, One Step at a Time

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People shed their roles in an eagerness
to resolve, move forward. Patterns develop.
There is a blink moment when it all suddenly
makes sense. Leadership has shown up. The
team begins clicking. Relief is reflected in a
collective sigh. Problems fall away, solutions
are clear.
I retreat, relegated to recording their
action plans. The room is energized. It’s a
beautiful moment. It’s why I do what I do and
why I love doing it.
On other occasions I am sequestered
in an office or encased in fiber optics
conducting an executive coaching session
by phone. The topic shifts depending on
the needs or desires of the person I am
Most often, feelings of frustration
surface. The client expresses angst over
his or her seeming inability to connect
with employees or staff, to deal with those
petty issues that cause conflict. Faced with
mandates to produce on deadline and within
budget, to create miracles with diminishing
resources or untrained staff, the manager
gasps for breath. He or she seems to be
treading water to avoid drowning.
“Do I have a productive team?” “How
can I let my staff know I appreciate them?”
“What should I cover in staff meetings that
would be most productive?” “When do I get