Page 7 - Emerging a Leader, One Step at a Time

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t happens every time. At a certain point
in a training session, magic occurs. It’s
nothing I do in particular. It just happens.
The team of employees and their
managers are grappling with communication,
leadership, teamwork — what used to be
called the soft skills and are now the hard
skills of today’s workplace.
A miasma of long-ingrained issues and
predictable responses floats around the
room. It’s awkward. The team is fragmented,
disjointed, dysfunctional. They’re in the groan
zone: seeking resolution, not finding it.
And then magic occurs. One or two
individuals start coming around, expressing
themselves. I see a glimmer of leadership.
They are tentative at first; it’s not really their
role. Or it is, and they do not want to be
seen as taking charge. But still…. “What if