Page 10 - Emerging a Leader, One Step at a Time

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more effective workplace and a better world.
And that innate ability often and sadly goes
untapped and overlooked, by ourselves and
by others.
My experience and work with the
aftermath of untaught, unskilled, or
haphazard leadership and its impact on
both follower and leader has led me to the
conclusion that we need a very focused, very
specific leadership program to bring forth
those who opt to become leaders and to give
those who do not a heightened appreciation
for those who do.
This is not a new idea. In its approach,
it harkens back to apprenticeships, to
mentoring. It smacks of boot camp or a
military academy. It’s a shorter version of
gaining a Master’s degree; it’s a more robust
version of a certification program.
That I might want to become militaristic
or structured around “teaching” leadership
seems contrary to my rather global, creative
self. But I think we need it. We have our col-
lective heads in the sand about leadership
and how one gets there. Leaders are winging
it and seldom admitting it.
And we can’t afford do to that. We
cannot afford it economically and we cannot
afford it socially. We have skeptical and
realistic younger generations coming up the
ranks, and they are walking into a void—if
they walk at all.