Page 6 - Is Google the Next Stage of Evolution of Life on Earth

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Michael Cook
innovated by individuals not only could
be continued and built upon, but also that
individual learning could accumulate from
generation to generation. This sped up the
pace of evolution immeasurably.
The accumulation of social
knowledge brought with it new dilemmas.
After a period of time, the traditions and
knowledge of the human species became
so vast that storing it efficiently became
difficult. Oral tradition depends upon
memory, which is limited. The art of
memory systems was developed by the
Greeks to extend the range of human
memory, and the poetry of Homer used
rhythms, rhymes, and other patterns to
aid the memory so that it could retain vast
amounts of cultural information. But these
techniques were limited: ultimately the
problem of storing what we could loosely
refer to as the psycho-social “genome”
became serious. This problem was solved by
the invention of writing systems.
However, to be useful, information
must not only be stored, it must be
retrieved. Fairly recently in human history
it was possible to have every book ever