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My first published writing, at age 9, was a short poem
about “Thrift”. It was printed in the Burlington (VT)
Free Press in 1931 as part of a promotion by the
Burlington Savings Bank. I received $1 for it, with
which I started my first savings account.
My second venture was a two-page family
weekly newspaper, self-published withmy older sister
for about 6 months in 1934. Six years later, this was
followed by news articles, editorials, and cartoons
over a period of four years in the Cynic, the weekly
student publication at the University of Vermont,
where I was studying to be a chemist.
During my 42-year career as a research scientist
in the Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories in
Rochester, NY, I published numerous intracompany
technical reports, and contributed many technical
papers to journals published by such organizations
as the Society of Motion Picture and Television
Engineers, the Photographic Society of America,
Daan Zwick