Page 6 - The Effects of Viewer Involvement

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small group of observers who varied in both degree
of experience with photography, and familiarity or
involvement with the subject matter of the pictures,
I could determine how such factors influenced their
evaluation of the quality of my son’s pictures.
I assembled 119 snapshots frommy son’s trip, which
includedmany with no obvious problems, but others
showing the underexposure, camera movement, or
out-of-focus blurring that inexperienced picture
takers experience. There was a variety of subject
matter, rang ing f rom scenery and bui ldings
photographed under a variety of lighting conditions,
to closeups of people and pets, both indoors and
For observers to make the quality judgments I
selected the following:
My son, inexperienced, with high involvement
in the subject matter in the pictures.
His mother, with some photographic experience
and some involvement.
His father, with high level of experience and
some involvement in print subject matter.
A research scientist with high level of experience
and no involvement in subject matter.
A woman of the same age as “b”, some
experience, and no involvement.
Daan Zwick