Page 5 - The Effects of Viewer Involvement

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It is common practice in research and development
work toward generating new imaging systems, to
evaluate the image quality produced with these
systems by presenting a group of pictures to a panel
of observers, and asking for some type of quality
scaling. Frequently the panel of judges is composed
of the experienced researchers who are involved in
this work, and sometimes the pictures used are those
taken by the experimenters. In the course of such
experiments I became curious about the objectivity
of observers in such a situation. For example, in a
program aimed at providing images for “snapshots”,
would the opinions of photographic experts be valid
predictors of the customer’s reaction? How much
would personal involvement in the picture subject
matter affect such image quality evaluation?
The opportunity for an experiment presented
itself when my son, then a college student, returned
from trip across the country with a collection of
snapshots. I reasoned that if I could assemble a
The Effects of
Viewer Involvement
and Experience on
Judgements of
Picture Quality