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About the Author
Kathy Lynn Lewis
is a leading expert
on Self-Advocacy. She has devoted the
last fifteen years to helping families
with children with special needs to
advocate for their children. She trav-
els around the country speaking and
leading seminars that help individu-
als and businesses achieve success
through goal-setting and outlining “what they want to
have,” “what they want to be,” and ‘what they want to do.”
She is the CEO of My Life in My Pocket, Inc. a company
that helps students, businesses, and individuals realize
their potential by understanding what Earl Nightingale
states: “We become what we THINK about”—and that
the impossible takes a little longer,
but not much
. Ms.
Lewis is the author of the
My Life in My Pocket
series ( She lives with her
husband and two daughters in Tampa, Florida.
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