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As we all evolve and adapt to advances in “connecting to” our families,
friends, and the larger world, the challenge to build a healthy and strong
sense of self among the young remains a constant. Parents, teachers, and
administrators play a key role in this wellness orientation. Each must ask:
What can I do to enhance the development of positive attitudes, social
skills, and styles of thinking with my student(s)? This refreshingly integrat-
ed book provides a treasure trove of exercises, ideas, and complimentary
Internet resources to all seeking an answer to that question. Written in a
style both appealing and relevant to the high school student, this book is a
fun and interactive learning experience.
Angela O. Terry, Ph.D.
Former Associate Vice President,
University of Connecticut
Former State Consultant for School Psychological Services
(Connecticut State Department of Education)
Past President, Friends Board,
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University