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My Life In My Pocket
Believing in what you want and what you like to do is important. Trea-
sure the things you like. These things may be very different from the things
your parents, friends, or siblings enjoy. You can have a wonderful idea
about how to do something, but you dismiss it even before you try because
it lacks someone’s approval.
Write down all your ideas in a small book you keep with you at all times
(or on your IPad or smartphone). You’re at an age where ideas will flood
your mind. Keep a log of them. These ideas are the foundation for success.
These ideas are examples of correct thinking. Ideas are the portals through
which success filters.
Some people think that living in clean government housing, and maybe
not working, or living a mediocre life, is the easy path; that committing to
education through study is the hard path. They’re wrong! Failing to follow
your dreams and not reach your potential is the path to conformity and
mediocrity—the easy path. Choosing what looks like the easy path leads to
This is peer pressure. It is others wanting you to do what they do. As
you attempt to succeed there will be those who act like “crabs in a bucket.”
When one crab climbs to the top, the others pull it down by also trying
to get to the top and causing everyone to fail. This is also an example of
“Group-THINK,” conforming to the ideas of the wrong group of people
around you; in your neighborhoods and schools they are often those having
negative or mediocre goals. “Group-THINK” is an incorrect way of think-
ing. If you simply conform to the way the masses THINK then you are
conforming to the way the masses live, and you will live like that. THINK
a particular way because it is in line with the life you have decided live.
Live the life you want to, not a life of conformity. Deciding to be like ev-
eryone else simply because everyone else does a particular thing is a most
dangerously incorrect way to THINK; dangerous because it robs you of the
life you want because it appears like it is the correct thing to do—because
everyone else is doing it.
You will have your life
“in your pocket”
by thinking
correctly about your
goals and believing in your unique ideas. Know what you want and where
you’re going. The way to know where you are going is to THINK about it,
visualize what you want, feel good about it, write it down, and act upon
your ideas; these are the Five Senses of Success: THINK, Visualize, Feel,
Write and Act!