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The objective of life is development. You must learn and grow as you live.
The way to learn and grow throughout life is to continually set and achieve
the goals. The space between setting a goal and achieving it is where con-
flict dwells. In this space, while undergoing conflict, confidence develops.
Setting and achieving goals builds confidence. Being a confident person is
an improvement upon your world and the world you are in.
Who is the most important and confident person in the world (to you)?
Whenever I ask this question in seminars, I get a variety of answers:
Mom, God, Dad, etc., but the real answer should and must be—
answer the question again,
who is the most important and confident
person in the world (to you)?
______________________________. You must
be the most important person to you; if what you want most in the world
seems only to benefit you initially, that is the perfect answer, because view-
ing something that appears to benefit only yourself as something bad is a
Everything we want that is in the realm of something good benefits oth-
ers. If you do things that benefit yourself it makes you a better person and
thereby benefits others. If you do not spend a lot of time worrying about
problems and are, instead, actually enjoying the things you want, you are
becoming a better person. So getting what one wants in life makes us bet-
ter people.
What do you want most in the world? (Remember—all answers re-
ceive a grade of “A”)
Think of the biggest, baddest goal for yourself. Write the first thing
that comes to mind.
You can
Have, Do,
What do you want to