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My Life In My Pocket
And the word
This means all created things and phenomena
are viewed as constituting one system, a whole—described loosely as
Over the next few years you will use many words and make several of the
most important decisions of your life: whether or not to have sex, what type
of friends to have, how well to perform in school, etc. This book will help
you consider these things, but you will have to do some dreaming and some
thinking, beginning with answers to a few important questions: What do
you want most in the world? What do you want more than anything? What
makes you happiest? You should have dreams that stretch far— the next
year, five years, twenty years, fifty years; some so high that you may never
reach them.
You are now likely thinking “I don’t know what I want most in the world.”
You do know, you just haven’t allowed yourself to want it. Wanting what
you want just takes a little practice. It is a correct form of thinking. You
know what you want, but you’re just unaware of the importance of this
Here is
answer: In addition to the obvious things: peace, good health,
love, joy, etc., I want lots of money for myself and lots of money to give
away. That is what
want most in the world. Your answers should be rela-
tively simple so they can readily be used to replace any negative thoughts
or doubts you might have about your goals. Of course, we all want world
peace, to end hunger and poverty; but do you see how what I want most
in the world covers these things? However, be careful because what you
want most in the world need not benefit anyone but you. Sounds selfish?
Of course, but if you are selfless then you can’t help yourself; by helping
yourself you invariably help others. Gandhi said it best, “whatever you do
in life will be insignificant, but do it anyway because if
don’t, no one
else will.”
Thinking about the rest of your life even before completing high school
can seem like an arduous task, but after a few minutes you will begin to
have fun. There is nothing more wonderful than your imagination. As you
THINK about your future, imagine all the wonderful experiences you want
to have; all the wonderful places you want to go.
Life can be, and should
be, spent in the wonders of your dreams and in the reality of them
coming true.