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My Life In My Pocket
Forget everything you’ve heard or thought in the past. Thinking is the
most important thing in the world, next to being alive, of course. But can
you really live without thinking? Many do, but by not thinking, these in-
dividuals are not minding the gap between the life they have and the life
they want. They are like bumper cars at a carnival responding only to what
bumps into them, letting the trajectory of these bumps determine where
they go in life. Thinking will both solve all your problems and help you to
avoid them. Thinking actually shapes the world around you. Thinking is
the difference between success and failure. Thinking is the one thing we
do more than breathing.
The only thing working harder than your mind is your heart. You have
about 60,000 thoughts each day; your heart beats about 72 beats per min-
ute—4,320 beats per hour—103,680 beats per day. Your mind works about
half as much as your heart. You don’t often notice your heart beating, but
your thoughts can be all-consuming, especially if they’re negative. Think-
ing can cure a sad life or cause a happy one. Your life, thus far, is the result
of your Thinking. Your future will be the result of your thinking. The only
thing you can absolutely count on is that you will get what you spend most
of your time thinking about. Your mind is an exciting world; in many ways
the most exciting adventure in the universe. You should enjoy your think-
ing. You will find all your hopes and dreams close at hand, not in your
heart, but in your mind.
A word is dead
When it is said,
Some say.
I say it just
Begins to live
That day
Emily Dickinson
is a brief expression; a remark.
Words are powerful. They can heal, harm, hurt, bring joy, cause mad-
ness, indicate schizophrenia, ruin self-esteem, cause tears, heighten anxi-
ety, initiate action and, according to the author, Mike Dooley, turn into