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Educator, author and marriage family therapist, Nadya has spent
fifty years working with others. Ever passionate about her work, her life,
her family, she doesn’t see aging as a time to slow down but to continue
working. “I’m still building my legacy to help heal dysfunction in one
generation and there’s much work to be done.”
Nadya has been married to Valerio, a Florentine, since 1956, and
together they have two daughters and five grandchildren and live in Carmel-
by-the-Sea, California, where their girls were born and grew up. “As par-
ents we were able to break the cycle of dysfunction we came into the mar-
riage with and, I’m happy to say, our daughters have met the challenge of
rearing their families brilliantly.”
A graduate of Syracuse University in English and Music, Nadya pur-
sued a Master’s Degree at the age of 50 in order to practice Family Therapy.
She holds licenses from the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to prac-
tice Marriage Family Therapy, Hypnosis and to provide Continuation
Education for her peers. Nadya also holds teaching certificates in Montessori,
Hatha Yoga, as well as an Eminence Credential from the state of California
to teach socio-psychology classes at Monterey Community College, where
she is adjunct professor in the Sociology Department.
Nadya has been called a “therapists’ therapist” due to her expertise
and experience. A long-time clinical member of the California Associaion
of Mariage and Family Therapists [CAMFT], which is the largest and
most politically active such group in the United States to further mental
health legislation in the country, Nadya is also a member of the Monterey
County affiliate of CAMFT, MC-CAMFT.
Life is an enchanting and challenging adventure.
I wouldn’t have missed the trip for anything.
Photo by D’arcy Houx