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Q: How can we apply this model in our everyday lives?
A. The 3 Basic Principles:
• A partnership team approach based on respect and
mutual understanding
• A commitment to peace
• Open, inclusive group learning and practice
So, dear Reader, you are going to get exactly the same information I
personally give to all my clients and students:
• A model map to use as your destination point:
peace of mind;
• A tool for mapping your patterns past and present;
• A practical guide for turning all your relationships into
healthy ones and gaining mastery over your life;
• A six-week plan to help you help yourself.
Now that I have the benefit of fifty years of hindsight in my practice as a
teacher and clinician I know what works. Change takes courage.What this
book can offer you is a positive evidence-based approach that will empower
you as you make your journey toward happiness.
I’ll keep you in my prayers.
November 15, 2011