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My husband, Valerio, has been heroic and patient through it all. Although
I was never absent from him, I had mental lapses. While my physical body was
cooking dinner, walking with him along the beach in the evening and lying
next to him in bed at night, my head was often in the book. Thinking, writing,
adding, deleting. He would say, “I can hear the wheels turning.”
Many friends have helped and encouraged me along the way: my
colleague Curt Erickson, Tom Lacey, Lydia Criley, Dan Gornel, Debbie
Munoz, Denise Abbott, Gail Harwell, Joe Barron, Julie Beck, Annette
Gatterdam, Carole Erickson, Karen Benson, Matthew Abergel, Nick Herbert,
Judd Rose, Tony Tollner, Graham Powell, my friend and colleague, David
Loye, my daughters Diana Houx and Livia James, and my cousin Bo
Farnsworth. They have been abundantly generous in offering their time and
comments. Thanks also to Ron Peet, Hannah Liebmann, and Buzz Rainer for
copy-editing, John Mason for the graphics, Hartmann Design Group for the E-
book design, Heidi McGurrin for the portrait of the author, and special thanks
to another old friend, cartoonist Eldon Dedini, for the cover.
Since that morning in the hospital in 1942 I have never wavered from the
belief that my glass is more than half full. I understood I had been given a
second chance at life. This book is the result.
To all my clients who have shared their stories with me, thank you. You
have taught me a lot. To my hospital mate in the next bed who left too soon
this book is my gift in memory of you.