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Nobody can be dragged or pushed to higher levels of consciousness. But when
you are confronted with a map that you, yourself, have drawn, new information
rises to your conscious mind and automatically bumps you up the awareness
Mapping offers people instant power over their lives and creates an
immediate and stunning mental shift. Not only is it true that “a single picture
is worth a thousand words,” but the mapping process also saves time and
money. It works with individuals, couples, families and children as well as with
people in the workplace or in groups.
Although this book will give you the information you need, I will need
your help if I’m to help you help yourself.
What I’m going to do is to ask you to make a conscious connection
between the information you have about your family with what I know about
decoding that information. We’ll be partners.
First, let’s jump in with both feet. We’ll take a look at your own “back
story” by mapping it. You need to
with both your head and your
stomach what it was like to walk in the old shoes before you can practice
walking in new ones. Until you feel in your gut what you know in your head,
you probably won’t change.
Next, as you do the mapping, we’ll integrate some vital concepts that will
start your mind thinking in a new direction. By then you’ll be curious about
how relevant all this stuff is in your life anyway. After that you’ll have a chance
to compare your maps to other people’s maps.
Finally, I’ll provide you with a six-week lesson plan to help you practice in
your present life what you have learned from this book about relationships.
The best way to learn is by doing.
Let’s give it a try. Okay. . . READY.