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This book is different:
, it is not a passive read. It’s interactive from the beginning.
Part I is, in effect, a workbook.
The New Family
is a curriculum,
a course of study that introduces you to “mapping”–a powerful
new diagnostic, didactic, and self-correcting tool.
“Mapping” will enable you to transform all your
relationships into peaceful ones, whether they’re with family
members, with your colleagues in the workplace, or with your
friends and acquaintances.
, this book does not focus on issues or problems, “my
husband cheats on me,” “my kids fight all the time,” “my
parents meddle in my life,” “my ex-wife is trying to poison the
kids against me,” “I can’t seem to be successful no matter how
hard I try.” It focuses more expansively on the family as an
organization, the trouble spots that make relationships sick or
sane, and on the underlying patterns that keep people stuck.
, this book will not only give you new information it will
also give you the Model Map
to use as your personal guide for
Keep an open mind and a notebook and pencil by your side.
The text prompts you to take notes, answer questions, and draw
maps as you go along.
Why can
The New Family: Mapping Your Way to the Good Stuff!
help you?
Because it offers you a clear, fast, and simple-to-use tool designed to empower
you in all your relationships. Including your relationship with yourself.
“Mapping” can set you free from painful and destructive patterns and
bring peace in your life, in your mind, and in your heart.