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Acknowledgments xi
Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY continues to be one of
the greatest gifts to my life and career. It is with heartfelt love and ap-
preciation that I thank my “Kitchen Table”/ Senior Leadership Team:
Mary Stone, Kelly Vaccaro, Michael Cretaro, Kim DeRosa Fish, Kim
Roddy, Jonas Congelli, Marsha DeVita and Maria Grice. Individually
and together, we continue to traverse the self-mastery journey. We have
accomplished a great deal and I am truly blessed to work so closely with
some of the finest leaders I have known. Our team and our organiza-
tion is strong and successful because of the sum of our parts! A special
thank you to my dear friend and colleague, Gussie Sorensen. You have
selflessly shared your experience and wisdom into the human psyche
with me for almost 10 years and I am forever grateful.
I would like to thank the entire staff at Hematology-Oncology As-
sociates of CNY. Our journey together has taught me much about the
mastery of self, the real meaning of success and the tapestry of love that
can be woven in the work place. It is a privilege to work with the finest.
Thanks for listening to my 8 ½ x 11 snippets for almost 10 years!
I’d like to thank my agent, Bill Gladstone and the staff at Waterside
Publications and Worthy Shorts, especially Gene Schwartz and Otto
Last but always first, I thank the Divine Infrastructure that illumi-
nates my life, envelops me with unconditional love and co-creates the
wonderful and challenging world of which we are one.
I am so filled with gratitude and love—thank you to everyone I men-
tioned and all those that hold a special place in my heart that have pro-
vided great love and support to my life.