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Building the Team from the INSIDE
To my mentors, friends and colleagues, words can never adequately
express my gratitude for what you have taught me, the extent to which
you have supported me, and the level of dedication and hard work that
so many of you have put forth to make me look good. There are so many,
I can’t thank you by name, but I hope you know that I carry much love
and gratitude in my heart for you.
I would like to thank Dr. Paul Granato. He has been a mentor and
friend for almost 30 years. It was his belief in me and his selfless shar-
ing of knowledge and wisdom that jump started my career. I thank Dr.
A. John Merola whose incredible passion for life, medicine, success and
entrepreneurialism often provided the impetus for my personal and pro-
fessional growth during the formative years of my career. I will always
hold a special place in my heart for you and I’m so grateful for the
plethora of opportunities you sent my way. I thank Drs. John J. Gullo,
Anthony J. Scalzo, Jeffrey J. Kirshner, and Santo M. DiFino for starting
a medical practice over 30 years ago that has developed into one of the
cherished jewels of Central New York and for giving me the opportunity
of a life-time. Dr. Gullo—I love you and it’s been an incredible gift to
spend most Monday mornings sharing and strategizing with you! I’m
grateful to all the physicians at Hematology-Oncology Associates, espe-
cially those physicians who are my kindred spirits.
I would like to thank Dale H. Franz, my former husband and father of
my children. Without your friendship, love and support for many years,
I would never have been able to maintain balance in my life and achieve
the success that I enjoyed. A special thank you to Elizabeth Williams
for being a soul sister and imparting incredible spiritual wisdom to my
life. I would like to thank Mary Schechter, Founder and President of the
Intuitive Organization. You have become my partner in spirit to help
transform workplaces from the inside-out. I would like to thank Bruce
Wood, Esq. for the many years of his friendship and the expertise he
has graciously shared with me. Bruce, you will never realize your con-
tribution to my life and career—thanks so much! I would like to thank
Gail Cowley for being a kindred spirit and a dear and trusted friend and
advisor. I am forever grateful to Paul Cowley for his creative genius in
designing the cover of this book! Thanks Gail and Paul and all the staff
at Cowley and Associates.
I would like to thank all the leaders who ever worked with me, es-
pecially Corinne Ferrante and Janet Ricciardiello—what would I have
ever done without you! You know how much you mean to me and I can’t
thank you enough for the years by my side!