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It is with incredible love and gratitude that I thank my family, friends
and colleagues. To my immediate family, in order of appearance: I
thank my mother and father, Angela Marie Roefaro and Renato J. Roe-
faro, Sr. Although I only had my mother on this earth for a short time,
I would rather have had her for 14 years than spend 100 with anyone
else. She was the first person in my life who helped me understand
who I was and in her own special way, she was my first self-mastery
mentor. She introduced me to a Divine Network of resources that she
knew would illuminate my steps, all the days of my life. I thank my
father for his unwavering love and support throughout my lifetime.
His example laid the foundation for any success I have achieved. I
thank my Grandmother, Leah Mirante Roefaro. With her unconditional
love and untiring spirit, she taught me how to be resilient and strong,
characteristics that came naturally to her. She made me believe that
I could do anything! I thank my two brothers, Louis Roefaro and
Renato Roefaro, Jr. They have taught me more than they will ever
know and I love them with all my heart for the example they set for
me and for their continual support and encouragement. I thank my
step-mom, Carol Roefaro for her undying love and support. Her belief
in me has been a great source of motivation in my life. There are no
words to express my love and gratitude to my two daughters, Casey
Angela Franz and Angela Marie Franz. They have brought me more
joy than I ever imagined possible. They always provided the love,
support, encouragement and pride that allowed me to be a successful
working mother. With all my heart, I thank my husband, Tom Car-
ranti. You have touched my heart and soul like none other. I love you
for so many reasons and your support of my endeavors and help with
this book has meant the world to me. To my step sons, Pio Carranti
and Joseph Carranti, I’m forever grateful for your love and respect.