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Alignment 161
align with my highest good; I am aligned with the light and love of the
Universe; I follow my intuition and make my own decisions that are best
for me.
Sit quietly, in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe and
begin to relax. Feel your body going deeper and deeper into relaxation.
Breathe in the breath of divine light and feel the light penetrate your
body. Feel the white light around you, filling your lungs and bringing
the healing vibration of perfection to all cells of the body. Breathe and
relax, releasing all the anxieties, frustrations and stresses of the day.
Begin at your feet and focus on every area, allowing each muscle in
your body to release tension and relax. Continue to relax and become
conscious of your breathing.
Become an observer and review the video screen of the major choices
in your life, knowing that everything is always perfect in the oneness of
our existence. Celebrate with yourself, those choices that you feel were
healthy and consistent with your highest good. Smile inside and allow
the love and pride to flow throughout your body.
Now, allow yourself to recognize the choices you perceive mani-
fested in less than optimal outcomes. Things are not always what they
appear to be, and slowly erase any negative feelings and replace them
with love and pride for making the best choices at the time. Know that
there was a greater purpose and a reason for any trials or tribulations
that resulted from these choices and you would not have grown to be the
person you are if they did not occur. Swell your heart with love for your-
self. Watch yourself on the screen as you deal with any disappointments
and send love to that person who is perfect and divine. Know that you
have evolved because of the challenges, not because of the easy roads.
Now see the light of the Universe come down from the heavens and
enter your crown chakra, the bright star located about 6—8 inches
above your head. Allow that light to form a white, glowing rod that
envelops your spine. See the alignment of that light in perfection. You
may feel your shoulders rise and your spine begin to straighten. Know
that you aligned with the oneness in perfect harmony. Your higher self,
your divine self is always present to make healthy choices. Congratulate
yourself for this awareness.
Allow that light to sooth your body and penetrate every cell. Bath in
this unconditional loving light and feel a level of healing not known be-
fore in your body. Allow love to permeate all your cells and continue to
breathe the light, with confidence and knowing that you have the ability