Page 35 - Building the Team from Inside Out

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Chapter Four
What does self-mastery
look, feel and sound like?
What will it look like when your team and their team and those people’s
teams have progressed in their self-mastery journey such that they be-
come increasingly impervious to the daily dramas in the work place?
• A good, healthy morale will be maintained
• The work force will demonstrate a higher level of job satisfaction
and effectiveness
• There will be greater harmony within work groups and among the
• There are less supervisors and managers and more leaders
• Leadership will spend less time with drama within their teams
• Leadership will spend less time with drama within the organization
• New ideas will be sprouting up on a routine basis and people will
be taking more stock in their levels of accountability
• There will be a general feeling that people care and the staff will
be productive
• Efficiency will improve and more people will want to be involved
in process improvement because they will feel like a stake holder
• Unique and customary challenges are dealt with in a more positive
manner and adverse outcomes have a shorter duration
• Stewardship becomes more visible within the organization and a
commitment to community is broadened
• An organization begins to function in a similar fashion to a sa-
cred community to help others, especially fellow team members,
who are less fortunate or who experience extraordinarily difficult