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Building the Team from the INSIDE
our previous hypotheses and paradigms may be flawed or incomplete.
As with new scientific discoveries that replace old schools of thought,
when our minds are open to a spirit driven life, the observations and
empirical data may show that man-made dogmas and beliefs provided a
fine foundation but the time has come for new revelations to be accepted
and integrated. The best revelations are those elucidated by the divinity
within ourselves; information and feelings we gather from time alone,
in the stillness, that resonate to the core of our being.
Mastery is when we are pure love in action. Love becomes the foun-
dation of every thought and every action. Real or unconditional love
is never wrong and will always be aligned with the good of the whole.
Whether we are discussing a family or a corporation, love needs to be
the universal thread woven into the tapestry of each moment. It should
replace fear.