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The Real Power . . . working from the inside-out 21
ney when we can immediately assess the influence our ego is having on
our mind, body and actions because we’re so aware of what life is like
when our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are generated by our egoic
nature. Mastery is when love and gratitude are the fundamental ele-
ments that drive our thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is an elucidation
of the truth and a realization of the magnitude of illusions that crowd
our everyday lives. This journey allows us to find our authenticity—our
preciousness—the gift our life provides to the world. This authenticity
of really knowing and understanding ourselves provides a more loving
environment for our thoughts, perceptions and actions. In that environ-
ment of love, most things look and feel better.
Self-mastery is achieved when a person has no needs but abundance
fills their existence. This lack of need has nothing to do with material
possessions. Abandoning personal wealth or living in a state of poverty
are not prerequisites for this state of mastery. It’s about waking up to
what is important in life and the true necessity to love oneself and have
the best relationship with the self that is possible. A relationship that is
based on honesty and an integration of positive thought processes such
that living a positive life becomes a habit and anything else feels wrong.
Self-love becomes so natural that a person no longer has to think about
maintaining a positive attitude and counting their blessings instead of
their problems, as it becomes a natural and effortless aspect of living.
This positive embrace is a natural state of being when one has journeyed
the path to self-mastery successfully.
Self-mastery is not about how much one has, but it is about how much
one gives. It’s not about the magnitude of wealth and possessions one
holds, it’s about not being attached to them for happiness but enjoying
them as gifts of this lifetime. It’s about developing, working for and
cherishing preferences, but not making these material possessions rule
our existence and dictate our lives. It’s not about penalizing the self by
limiting that which makes us happy from a material perspective, it’s
about being grateful, sharing and giving with and through the indices
of love. No matter how smart or wise we are, it’s essential to recognize
that information and wisdom exists outside our sphere of knowledge.
We should always be open minded to new information, messages and
revelations. It’s imperative to maintain an open mind without allowing
our ego or the man made dogmas of control and limitation to establish
the framework for our faith, beliefs and spirituality. One should main-
tain a constant willingness to accept new revelations that occur from the
inside-out. We must be open-minded and humble enough to accept that