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Building the Team from the INSIDE
love, self-discipline, self-confidence and our self-reliant sustainability.
Our higher self is the producer, processor and distributor of potential.
A life driven by spirit directed intentions yields a path of blissful ease
in a complex world. A life driven by spirit renders thoughts that are
born within the oneness of life. In addition, these thoughts elicit energy
that fosters chemical reactions in the body representative of health and
wellness. When the spirit reigns, life is good. Life is really, really good.
We all have what I term a “baseline titer of happiness.” This baseline
titer represents our core level of happiness and it will be addressed in
greater deal in Chapter Seven, but I’d like to mention something about it
here. There are people who are generally happy and those who are gen-
erally not happy. When a happy person with a high base line titer of hap-
piness experiences life’s challenges that sadden or upset them, the level
of happiness they exude during this time may drop below their baseline,
but in time, it returns to their usual core status because they are innate-
ly happy people. It resumes primarily because the person views every
challenge as an opportunity for growth and accepts those challenges
as a loving part of life. They understand that the greatest self growth
comes from times of adversity or challenge. As my mother used to say,
“For every pain that we must bear, every sorrow, every care, there is a
reason” (I’m sure that was a poem that she did not write—sorry I can’t
give credit to whom it’s due—but for me, the credit goes to her). When a
person perceives that things are extraordinarily great, their baseline titer
of happiness may extend above their core level or baseline, but in time,
as normality resumes, their level of happiness returns to its usual status.
People often wish for something—a new job, a new house, more money,
a child, a spouse—thinking that that will finally make them happy, only
to realize, in time, they’re back where they started. The only way to
increase a baseline titer of happiness is through self-love, self-discovery
and self-mastery. We can build that self-love and enrich our spiritual-
ity through immersion. This will be discussed more in later chapters,
but by immersing ourselves in love based decision making, immersing
ourselves in opportunities to forgive, immersing ourselves in feelings of
gratitude and appreciation, and immersing ourselves in service to oth-
ers, our spirituality and self-love deepens and we begin to feel palpable
changes within ourselves that cannot be described or attributed to hu-
man, linear language.
Mastery of self is a journey that occurs on many levels of conscious-
ness. It is a journey and a process by which our humanness becomes less
ego and more spirit. It’s arriving at a place in our self-realization jour-