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The Real Power . . . working from the inside-out 19
there is a reason for everything and everything that happens is for our
highest good and is orchestrated (in one way or another) by ourselves.
One objective in life that carries over into the work place is under-
standing the role our egos play in our lives. An important exercise is
allowing our higher-self to create and control our existence instead of
allowing our egos. For ease of understanding, let us divide ourselves
into two fundamental parts. Let’s say that one part of us is our spirit and
the other part is our ego. Spirit is the dealer of love and ego is the dealer
of fear. Some refer to our spirit as our intuitive self, our higher self, our
divine self, our God self or perhaps our superconscious mind. For many
leaders, their ego is on autopilot and every decision they make is derived
from the very dense, human part of themselves that acts and reacts from
a position of fear. It is not easy to always recognize the many faces of
fear. Egos run rampant in the work place, as many are oblivious to the
assistance our spirit can provide and don’t realize the position that fear
occupies in their life and decision making. Some resist the knowing of
their higher self and inadvertently make a decision every day to function
from a position of fear or density, because it is more comfortable and fa-
miliar. For these people, the familiarity of anger, resentment, judgment,
prejudice, or negativity is comfortable. Metaphysically, these are dense
thoughts and states of being. What does that mean? The less “light” a
thought, emotion or feeling possesses the more dense it is. The more
“light” a thought, emotion or feeling possesses, the less dense it is. Love
equals light, fear and all the manifestations thereof equal density. So,
the more love, the more light the less dense. The more fear, the less light
the more dense. The higher self is that part of ourselves that is love and
light. It is divine and holds all the truths and wisdom of ourselves and
the world. I think there is a misunderstanding of the word enlightened.
Enlightenment is not exclusive to the gurus, avatars, saints and the holy
of holies. The people who walk this earth in a state of enlightenment
have simply remembered their divinity and understand that every tool
they need to be happy and successful can be found within. Enlighten-
ment is knowing and feeling the connection to everyone and everything.
It’s walking each day in the “oneness” and it’s not outside our grasp. The
more we allow our spirit, our higher self, to dictate our decisions, the
less of a role our ego plays in our lives. The less our ego operates our
thoughts and actions of daily living, the higher our potential for content-
ment and success. Our ego is the producer, processor and distributor of
earthly limitations. Our ego is the manifestor of fear and the creator of
the self-talk that runs rampant throughout our days, sabotaging our self-