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Building the Team from the INSIDE
somebody and sensed their negativity and knew immediately that their
personality or energy was incompatible with your own? Have you ever
said, “I just didn’t get a good vibe from him/her?” Have you ever said, “I
really like him/her but there was no chemistry between us?” Have you
ever walked into a room and sensed the emotion of joy or anger? Have
you ever said, “The tension was so great you could cut it with a knife?”
Have you ever known that somebody entered a room but you didn’t see
them, you felt them? Have you ever thought of somebody and the phone
rings shortly after? These are only a few of the daily examples that al-
low us to recognize forces that are unseen but impact our lives. We are
connected at levels that fall outside our human capacity to understand.
There are synchronicities all around us and if we pay attention, mira-
cles occur on a daily basis. How does a teacher know that the student has
learned? Can they see learning? Can they put their hands on proof that
the words and symbols were assimilated into the mind of the student?
No. The teacher, however, can witness or experience the knowledge as it
changes form and is exemplified by actions. Life is filled with examples
of things that cannot be explained by the five senses but are there to
serve as a question mark. They spark thought and provide glimpses of
what can’t be seen but can be known and felt by the heart.
Self mastery leads to a knowing that we are all of the light, a light that
shines in each of us with a brilliance reflected by our capacity to love
and be loved. This degree of brilliance is a representation of the magni-
tude of love and gratitude that permeates our thoughts, our actions and
our being. The capacity to love and be grateful is equally available to
everyone. The light that shines within each of us is the innate, Creator
given gift of unconditional love potential. Our divinity is this light that
shines forth to illuminate our world. It is this light that illuminates the
recognition of souls—it allows us to know one another at a level of con-
sciousness of which we may be unaware.
There are many reasons why we work at the places we do with the
people we encounter. If you take a moment to think about it, most all of
us spend the majority of our time with people who don’t mean the very
most to us. We are hired to do a job and jobs come in all kinds of shapes,
sizes and varieties. From a spiritual standpoint, the people we have cho-
sen to work with provide us with opportunities for growth. Our biggest
irritants will provide the greatest potential for our growth for they will
be the mirrors that reflect the parts of ourselves that we desire to least
explore. In our careers or in the workplace, as with life in general, there
are no failures, but many redirections. There are no failures because