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I met Phyllis Price in the fall of 2011, after she left me a voice message
requesting to meet. She wanted to know how “we did it.”
As a frequent visitor to Hematology-Oncology Associates, within a
very large organization I observed a calm efficiency that was unsur-
passed, while staff was catering daily to a seriously ill population. Staff
at the facility was organized, attentive, supportive and seemingly un-
scathed by the pressure and problem solving challenges they faced each
day in this world of illness and healing. Curious to know the secret
of how an organization of this size, operated with such efficiency and
what the recipe was to have employees so pleasantly and supportively
interface with the clients served, the answer I received several times
over was, Maryann Roefaro, our CEO. Several told me about monthly
staff meetings, where Maryann utilizes an uplifting and inspiring talk,
enjoyed by all and focused on a thought provoking keyword, or theme
called an “8 ½ x 11.” The employees told me that each talk is designed
to bring out the personal best of each individual in the organization,
and in doing so, the creation of a safe, caring, and high-achieving en-
vironment for the client. When professionals are encouraged to be their
personal best in a safe and non-judgmental way, they can then become
the caring, respectful, and responsible human beings they are meant to
be. If the outgrowth of the lessons from Ms. Roefaro’s leadership is an
efficient, effective and compassionate organization, then we would all
benefit from its message!”
Phyllis Price, Principal,
Casey Park Elementary School
Auburn, New York