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The Real Power . . . working from the inside-out 17
Harmony in the work place is essential for people to want to come
to work. If somebody dreads their workday, their attitudes and produc-
tivity will reflect such. If an organization expects an individual to put
their work before their family or quality of life, the organization will
ultimately lose, as the qualities that make a person a true asset include
balance, self-love and self-respect. An organization will never be an em-
ployer of choice without harmony, good morale and enough money to
get the job done correctly and enough profits to reinvest in the people
and structure.
There are too many people holding others responsible for their hap-
piness and success. There are too many people making excuses, playing
the blame game and trying to change and control other people. There are
too many managers placing expectations on their staff without commu-
nicating effectively or working from a position of fear instead of love.
There is no place for a victim in a successful organization and a culture
that creates or fosters a victim mentality will be fueled by mediocrity.
Understanding the power of our thoughts can elucidate the power
and mystery that resides within oneself. The hallmark of thoughts is
not only the cascade of effects they have on our body, but their ability
to create the collective consciousness of which we exist. In our physical
state of being, our thoughts form the energy that permeates our earthly
existence and creates the circumstances of our life on earth. Thoughts
are things and are a form of energy and matter. As previously stated, the
sum total of the thoughts, energy and associated vibration that is exuded
by each one of us, often referred to as the collective consciousness, is
the energy or vibration that individually and cumulatively makes up the
world in which we live. This energy, representative of the thoughts of
humankind that can choose to think freely, forms the building blocks of
the truth and illusions that surround us in our daily lives. The intercon-
nectedness of each of us is undeniable and when one begins to contem-
plate the synchronicities of our existence, the divine nature of each of us
begins to shine through.
Although it is not appropriate for religion or religious beliefs to be-
come a part of the workplace, there are non-controversial, love related
spiritual parameters that should be recognized and nurtured to traverse
the management terrain of the coming decades. This all begins with the
love of self because everything we think and do stems from our level of
How often have you met someone who you liked instantaneously
and felt like you’ve known them for years? How often have you met