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Chapter Three
The Real Power . . .
working from the inside-out
Leonardo da Vinci said, “One can have no smaller or greater mastery
than mastery of oneself.” As with all people, the power that every leader
is looking for can only be found within themselves. One of the most
significant misunderstandings that I have witnessed in my career is the
belief that power comes from force—albeit often subtle and inconspicu-
ous –placed upon those in a subordinate role to the leader. Self mastery
is the never-ending journey towards understanding who we are and how
we are connected to everyone and everything. It is not an event or des-
tination, yet a continual journey of the evolution of the mind, body and
spirit. It is an understanding at the deepest level of our being that we are
the writers, directors and producers of our lifetimes. The greatest power
we have is the one that resides within ourselves. The greatest leaders
will provide an environment that creates, fosters and maintains a con-
sciousness where every employee can derive that conclusion, on their
own, to build an organization where anything that is possible, becomes
A leader is not inflated by the suppression of others. Only a weasel,
disguised as a leader, can be pumped up by the sucking sounds of the
people who do the work. A leader is there to serve. Each day, a leader
should ask themselves what they will do to make it a better place
for people to work—how they will facilitate resolutions to global is-
sues—how they will remove the barriers that keep people from being
fulfilled and productive—and how they will make a significant con-
tribution to the longevity and prosperity of the whole. There are many
wonderful benefits when one is in a position of leadership and with
these benefits comes great responsibility. There is no need to sound