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Building the Team from the INSIDE
towards the good of the whole. Love based leadership provides clear
expectations and all the tools necessary to get the job done efficiently
with the right people, working to eliminate drama and mediocrity.
Love based leadership provides continual feedback of performance
and re-directs those who are not right for the team to move into their
next learning opportunity. Love based leadership supports high profits
and a reinvestment of resources for the people. Love based leadership
is encouraged and accelerated through self-mastery because every re-
lationship we have depends on the one we have with our self. An
organization whose culture fosters love based leadership and decision
making is an honest, communicative place to work where people are
kind to one another and where success is shared and celebrated by
everyone. It’s the organization in which people wake up in the morn-
ing and like to go to work. It’s the kind of organization that helps to
see and bring out the best in people. It’s the kind of organization that
lets the employees know they matter. It’s the kind of organization that
treats all people with respect and dignity. It’s the kind of organization
that will not accept mediocrity, the victim mentality and terminates
those people who do not live the philosophies, values and mission of
the organization. It’s the kind of organization that will not tolerate
bullies. It’s the kind of organization that has a great reputation and
receives resumes every day.
Thoughts created by the human mind are frequencies that love, heal,
enrich, neglect or pollute our environment. Our thoughts are the cre-
ators and destroyers of our levels of happiness, contentment and success
in life. They are the building blocks of the life we create at home, at
work and at play. We readily accept that the world is filled with frequen-
cies that we can’t see. A Blackberry or iPhone responds to a multitude
of frequencies that most people do not contemplate. People just take
advantage of these frequencies through phone, scheduling, email, tasks,
notes and internet access that is in complete harmony with the comput-
ers that serve this exchange in “real” time. It is foolish to think that the
thoughts of mankind are not frequencies that affect our world, as well.
A leader must know and understand how these frequencies “sync” to
create the organizations they lead.