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Building the Team from the INSIDE
in a nice warm, safe spot when the pink slips are distributed? Will the
fittest be the people who speak their truth and work for the good of
the whole, putting their personal agendas aside? Will the fittest be the
biggest bullshitters among the group who can talk the corporate line
and ignore the mind, body and spirits of the truly greatest assets of the
corporation—the employees? Ultimately the character of the fittest will
render the sustainability of the organization—for the tone and personal-
ity of the new entity will give birth from the people at the top of the food
chain, and the strength of the whole will be dependent upon the sum of
its parts.
And at the end of the race, those left standing will begin to build the
new work place. They will surely rejoice at their success but
will they
ponder the laws of the Universe and contemplate the karma they have
created along the way? Will they look within themselves to understand
the role they have played and contemplate the changes in the fabric of
existence that have resulted from the thoughts, emotions and actions
they created? Will they examine the quality and quantity of energy they
expended and contemplate how that has affected and will continue to
affect their state of health and well-being? Will they wonder how their
intentions and actions have affected and will continue to affect others?
It was almost 15 years ago and I was one of the Corporate Vice Presi-
dents of one of the largest acute care hospitals in our community. Every
Tuesday I sat among the Senior Leadership group as plans to form an
alliance with a community hospital were created. One day, the familiar
voice within me spoke, as there were a couple of important facets to ac-
knowledge. One of the most important was that each person at that big
table were products of a unique and individual life with challenges and
celebrations, grounded in love and fear that not only made them who
they were but seasoned every opinion and perception they harbored and
exemplified about themselves and everyone else. We all grow in rain
and sunshine but the proportions of each are never known to another
and for this reason, one must become the observer without judgment. It
was important that I recognized that facet of exchange.
This group of well-intentioned humans was establishing new rules for
the future. Not dissimilar from other groups of well-intentioned people,
humans have been creating illusions of existence for mankind since the
beginning of time. For millennia, groups of different sizes, colors and
shapes have seeded the future with perhaps well-intentioned, yet dog-
matic theories, policies, procedures and standard operating principles.
Many people look around and believe everything they see is real. Ways