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Building the Team from the INSIDE
we are and how we can be happy and successful, we can’t ignore the op-
tion that we are a spirit whose essence has decided to temporarily live
in the land of opportunity called earth. A land of opportunity through
challenges and celebrations—through love and a lack thereof. Speaking
about the mind-body-spirit connection is a popular concept, one that we
will discuss in detail in this book. All those aspects, however, are not
separate; they are intertwined and inseparable and make us whole. If
our mind or body or spirit is wounded or out of alignment, it will affect
our entire being. I hope that someday, people will truly begin to un-
derstand that we are all
and that we are interconnected and woven
together in this tapestry called humanness. When that is acknowledged,
we will understand that hurting one means hurting all. When these con-
cepts are acknowledged, the paradigm shifts and everyone living in the
old energy of leadership and/or corporate, political or social greed, goes
back to “start here.”