Page 19 - Building the Team from Inside Out

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Every relationship depends on the one we have with our self 7
lently or overtly resides within the core of our being. Clutter that is
comprised of the people, places, events and things we’ve held inside
since childhood. The clutter that is the product of all the thoughts and
experiences we’ve had in our lives; the clutter that resides in the sea of
consciousness of which we may be aware or totally oblivious.
This transcendence and individual growth allows for the building of
highly effective work teams, more stable and successful corporations
and a more cohesive world trade. The greatest gift a leader can give their
team is to provide an atmosphere where their key leaders, managers and
staff can figure out who they are and believe that they were born with
the tools they need to be successful. Before a leader can walk the talk,
however, they have to believe it and understand it themselves. They need
to have concepts like self-mastery baked into the being of who they are,
so the flow of words and actions are natural. A leader that truly serves
the people helps to build a consciousness of cooperation, quality and
accountability. When any group of people working towards a common
goal comes together with this individual knowing, the results can be
Every leader struggles to build teams that are void of dysfunction.
Key leadership personnel spend years in academic training and more
years developing wisdom and expertise from experience. But in the
end, the team will be as functional as the aggregate of its parts—the
cumulative level of self-mastery and evolution of each individual. This
phenomenon extends to the entire work force. A unified organization,
melded together in love and spirit knows no boundaries for success. It’s
time for the kind of leaders so caught up in a corporate culture of fear
to look within themselves to know, trust and explore who they are and
what makes them act and react to the stimuli of life. Perhaps the word
does not feel like it belongs in the work place but now is the
time to change that leadership paradigm and work towards a love based
leadership style instead of a fear based leadership style. Spirituality is at
the core of who we are. It’s the intangible part of ourselves that desires
and feels a connection with the rest of the world and everything in it. It’s
the part of ourselves that seeks meaning and knows we have the ability
to transform our lives. Spirituality is that part of us that yearns to give to
others and make a significant contribution to our world. It’s recognition
that we are not alone and we have Divine resources to assist us on our
journey. It’s the ultimate recognition that everything is Divine. Perhaps
you accept the hypothesis that we are spiritual beings having a physical
experience? If so, you may agree that if we’re going to figure out who