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Building the Team from the INSIDE
ing “green” and more individuals are refocusing attention on our beau-
tiful and abundant planet, recognizing its years of abuse and neglect.
The light that shines forth to heal the world has never been brighter
and our population is becoming less tolerant of spiritual ignorance and
pomposity. The potential for a world of peace is becoming aligned with
the goals and objectives of a greater number of people. There is great
courage and conviction seen among the people of the world. A leader
understands this and subtly facilitates and supports this recognition to
their constituents, irrespective of the group’s size, type, location and
mission because they understand the potential of humanity and how it
all intertwines to create the whole. Just as the pebble in the water ripples
far and wide, everything we say and do adds to the sum of the whole.
The day will come when the thoughts of the people or the collective con-
sciousnessof aworkgroupororganizationwill beused tomanifest success
in ways that were previously unfathomable. The collective consciousness
represents the sum total of the thoughts or shared beliefs of the peoplewho
make up the group that defines the collection. There can be the collective
consciousness of a teamor an organization, aswell as communities, coun-
tries and the world. I believe there is energy associated with the collective
thoughts of a group. I’mconfident that this energy plays a greater role than
most people could imagine. I’m not sure many people give credence or
thought to this idea, but I think the energy has a huge impact on our lives.
A leader of the future will know how to foster this consciousness for the
good of the organization and for the good of the whole. With the support
of others, it will be easier than anyone thought it could be and it will re-
define the way people do business. Integrity will be the word of the day
and hard work and dedication will flow freely from the people who love
what they do because they are able tomake a difference each day that they
do it. Accountability will become an innate by-product of this leadership
paradigm, as people will understand the level of responsibility that must
be categorized to the self.
We currently live in a world where there is a lack of accountability
and blame flows freely. The power that resides in each of us maintains
the ability to change our life by changing our thoughts. Thoughts related
to self that drive the feelings and emotions of our lives are not segregat-
ed into family, friends, home, work, etc. Many pretend and work very
hard to be different people in different places but how we think makes
us who we are—and who we are is who we are, irrespective of location.
When we journey the path of self-mastery, we transform into a more
confident and happy human being because we clear the clutter that si-