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Every relationship depends on the one we have with our self 5
clude as they either fall outside most leaders’ perimeter of awareness or
would be viewed as concepts not appropriate for discussion or involve-
ment in the work place. I believe this book offers a unique paradigm of
leadership—a look at leadership from the inside-out where we build the
aggregate by building the character and resilience of its parts, eliminat-
ing fear whenever possible. Eliminating fear and replacing it with love,
starting with the love of self.
A paradigm shift is a pervasive change in thinking from accepted
standards or accepted points of view to a new way. This new way can
be precipitated by some new scientific discovery, invention or new in-
formation that provides a whole new way of thinking or doing things.
We have options at our fingertips that didn’t exist a month ago, let alone
years ago. When a paradigm changes, the old adage states, everyone
goes back to zero. What made a leader or company successful yester-
day does not guarantee success tomorrow. When a significant change in
thinking occurs or a belief system is appreciably altered and accepted
by the masses, those who cannot embrace the new thought system or
paradigm may find themselves relics. The successful leaders of tomor-
row will not be among the relics. The very characteristics that made
some leaders successful many years ago may inhibit their success today.
Workers want to be empowered, nurtured in a climate of independence,
and managed in a culture of respect and appreciation. Our younger
adults have grown up in a world of technology with new words, flavors,
and modes of communication. Good employees will be drawn to orga-
nizations that care about them and the world in which they live. Glob-
ally, people are getting tired of living in fear and so many are searching
for meaning and sustenance in a confusing world.
You’re reading this book for a reason. You may not agree with ev-
erything, but with an open mind, I hope you will be motivated to offer
a change to your world by contemplating the style in which you think
and perceive. This book is a guide to a journey within the self that will
expand the understanding of self to create satisfaction and fulfillment
in your life—including your work life. It will enrich interactions with
others by assisting in the development of greater tolerance, a richer ac-
knowledgement of human frailty and a contemplation of intention ver-
sus words heard and actions witnessed.
Corrupt systems that do not serve the good of the whole are break-
ing down and are no longer sustainable. The world is in tumultuous
flux, as the hunger for freedom and the acknowledgment of humanity
are moved to the front burners. At every turn, another company is go-