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Building the Team from the INSIDE
them and convince ourselves that nothing needs to change. We may get
frustrated with ourselves, but not everybody has the energy or desire to
look inside. Clearing the cob webs in our consciousness may be a fright-
ening alternative. The thoughts that create our existence demonstrate
equal opportunity in the work place, as well as at home or anyplace. A
dysfunctional team or work group can’t be fixed unless the people on the
team are willing to take a look inside. A look at the triggers that send
them into that whirl of dysfunction, as the team will only be as good as
the sum of its parts.
This book will build an awareness of the relationship between the
self and the effectiveness of leaders, teams and work groups—any kind
of work group. It will be helpful to anyone in a supervisory, manage-
ment or leadership position but it will also be helpful to those individu-
als who are not in traditional leadership positions but exemplify their
leadership skills by the way they live their lives. It will provide a blue
print of thought to enable and enrich organizational development by
enhancing the self-realization of the individuals that make up the group.
More simply said, this book has to potential to provide a wake-up call.
A wake-up call for leaders and employees that will ultimately create a
more successful and love filled work environment. It will provide a view
of leadership that contains multiple dimensions in its panoramic out-
look. It will precipitate the intimate scrutiny of personal priorities. This
book will outline the benefits of self-realization as it relates to a happier
and more fulfilled life and therefore a more harmonious, fulfilling and
effective work environment. The chapters that follow can provide in-
sights to enable the reader to clear the clutter that resides in their mind,
body and spirit so they can remember who they really are—and recog-
nize the power and innate gifts that reside within the self. I’m speaking
of the power that resides within the layers of consciousness that con-
jure, create and implement the character and quality of our daily lives.
I write this book with respect to all people, as I believe everyone is in
the perfect place on their individual journey. I offer many concepts and
philosophies that have worked for me and the teams of which I have had
the privilege to lead for almost 30 years. Only the reader can validate
their truth, as each path is different and in perfect order; perfect order
because every situation offers growth of some kind. Perhaps the time
to continue your journey with some new ideas or perspectives is now?
Some elements of this book may resonate within and some may not,
but the exercises in thought may ultimately provide incredible benefits.
This book introduces concepts that most leadership books would not in-