Page 15 - Building the Team from Inside Out

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Chapter One
Every relationship we
have depends on the one
we have with our self
Are you happy? Do you ever wonder why you react to life the way you
do? Do the actions of others ever confuse or hurt you? Do you ever
dread going to work because of the drama or stress that awaits you? Are
you bothered by a world that can’t live in peace and unity? Does the un-
certainly of your world foster anxiety that alters your mood or disrupts
your sleep? Do you look down the corridor of potential or limitation
when you get out of bed in the morning? Each day, we are the
ple responsible for how we view the world and the challenges that arise.
We decide our own fate and the answers to all these questions and more
are dependent upon how we view ourselves and life and
by what is
happening around us. The decision to be happy and tolerant becomes
easier when we understand who we are and recognize that things are not
always what they appear to be. Whether you’re a leader in an organiza-
tion or a leader via the example by which you live your life or run your
household, leadership is an incredibly important component of life.
Every relationship we have depends on the relationship we have with
our self. Every member of a work team, irrespective of their position
or level of responsibility in a company or family, thinks, believes and
therefore functions from the perspectives that are related to the core
beliefs they hold about themselves. Patterns of thought create our life.
These patterns generate emotions all day, every day, whether at work
or not. Some patterns are good for us and others are not. Sometimes
living within these patterns becomes so routine and comfortable that
even when they’re not in our best interest, we still immerse ourselves in