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Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
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The Pacific Institute
Global Vision
From the beginning, The Pacific Institute’s co-founders, Lou and Diane
Tice, have held to the vision that the education they assembled would be
beneficial to people all over the world. Yes, cultural differences do exist.
However, the basic knowledge of how the mind works is constant from
individual to individual, continent to continent. “The hardware is pretty
much the same; what we are dealing with is the human software—and
that, my fiends, can and should be upgraded on a regular basis,” says Tice.
1980 marked the beginning of a rapid expansion of The Pacific Institute
beyond North America. Today, the Institute’s varied curricula have been
translated and adapted to serve organizations in Europe, Africa, Asia,
Latin America, and the South Pacific, as well as North America. It is an
honor for The Pacific Institute to be able to serve as an agent for positive
transformation in the world.
Our Mission
As we continue to expand our reach around the world, our mission contin-
ues as a standard of excellence:
“We affirm the right of all individuals to achieve their God-given
potential. The application of our education empowers people to rec-
ognize their ability to choose growth, personal freedom and per-
sonal excellence. We commit ourselves to providing this education,
all over the world, through all means that are just and appropriate.”
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