Page 44 - Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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My first acknowledgment is to
, the reader. The fact that the title of this
book would be of interest to you speaks volumes of where you are in your
own evolution. Thank you. I welcome you as a fellow change agent to assist
in the transformation of the quality of life on our planet.
Next, I would like to thank the more than 5,000 employees I have had
the privilege to work with in three companies over a period of 30 years. Each
company became the leading company within its respective industry. Many
of the principles taught in this book were made widely available to our work
force(s). For those who chose to drink the “kool aide,” I have witnessed many,
many significat transformational changes both personally and profession-
ally. “I love you (all) unconditionally.”
To my life partner, Jeri, who has read the multiple drafts of my manu-
script many times and provided her constructive input to help make this a
better book.
And to my assistant of 14 years, Mary Fabish, who has typed every word
in this book many, many times as well as her editorial contribution. Thank
you so much Mary.
To our daughter, Julie, and son-in-law, Ted Kalmus, who surprised me on
my 70th birthday and told me their present to me was four hours of review-
ing the latest draft of my book. They had clandestinely procured a copy of
my draft from Mary. Their observations and input led to many changes in the
final draft of the book.
To daughter, Jill, and her husband, Jason Anderson, for their input as well
as assistance in graphic design. To our sons Brian, JJ and his beautiful wife,
Wendy, for their continuing support. Special kudos to JJ and Wendy for their
technical assistance.
And to the people who made it possible for you to be reading this now.
Thank you Bill Gladstone for your leadership and to all of the people at
Waterside Productions, Inc., and Worthy Shorts, Inc. You are a remarkable
team. And a thank you, in advance to award-winning journalist and best sell-
ing author, Jesse Dylan of Good Life Networks. We look forward to where you
are going to take us.
Thank you all so much.