Page 4 - Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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“A brilliant update and revision. The basic principles have withstood the test
of time, and Jensen’s updates and additions have made this book even more
important. A powerful yet easy way to change your life forever. A must read
for every entrepreneur.”
Joe Abrams, Co-founder Intermix/MySpace
“The greatest complement I can give this book is that I want each of my kids
to read it and internalize the concepts presented. I know what a powerful im-
pact it can have if we take its principles and apply them to how we live our
—Mark Geist, foremer CEO, Montgomery Asset Management
“Dealing with the complexities of the human mind is truly one of the most
challenging endeavors one could undertake. In reading this outstanding book
by Messrs. Murphy and Jensen, you will be taken on an incredible journey
filled with wisdom and profound common sense. At the completion of this
journey, you will have a greater understanding of who you are and how you
function in meeting the demands of day to day living.”
—Nick Bunick, author and subject matter of the
NewYork Times best seller,
The Messengers
“I just finished your ‘life changing book’ and want to give you my personal
thanks and congratulations! I have easily read over 200 books on a quest to
learn why and how experiences happen. You have given me all steps and logic
in just one beautiflly written book. It is all here!! Prior to reading your book, I
came away with an emptiness. I had not found the how!!”
—Bob Mayes, Founder/Chairman, The Madison Companies