Page 39 - Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

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How Your Own Mind Works 19
If you want to enhance your performance or alter your behavior in any
area of your life, you must simultaneously embrace the mental picture of that
accomplishment and hold it tight to you as an imagined end result.
Don’t let lower expectations become the lid on the box that holds you
down and sabotages your efforts to achieve new goals.
You can counteract negative suggestions
Pick up the newspaper any day, and you can read dozens of items that
could sow the seeds of futility, fear, worry, anxiety, and impending doom.
If accepted by you, these thoughts of fear could cause you to lose the will
for life. Knowing that you can reject all these negative suggestions by giv-
ing your subconscious mind constructive autosuggestions, you counteract
all these destructive ideas.
Check regularly on the negative suggestions that people make to you.
You do not have to be influenced by destructive heterosuggestion.
The suggestions of others in themselves have absolutely no power
whatever over you except the power that you give them through your own
thoughts. You have to give your mental consent; you have to entertain
the thought. Then, it becomes your thought, and you do the thinking.
Remember, you have the capacity to choose. Choose life! Choose love!
Choose health!
The subconscious does not argue controversially
Your subconscious mind is all-wise and knows the answers to all questions.
It does not argue with you or talk back to you. It does not say, “You must
not impress me with that.” For example, when you say, “I can’t do this,”
“I am too old now,” “I can’t meet this obligation,” “I don’t know the right
politician,” you are impregnating your subconscious with these negative
thoughts, and it responds accordingly. You are actually blocking your own
good, thereby bringing lack, limitation, and frustration into your life.
When you are seeking an answer to a problem, your subconscious will
respond, but it expects you to come to a decision and to a true judgment